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Home Support Care

Daily chores like cleaning or organizing can be difficult for an elderly person. Yet lack of such tasks leads to clutter and unhygienic conditions in the home. A helping hand from HomeAid’s trustworthy caregivers can relieve a major burden. Our Home Support Care includes:

  • Light Housekeeping
    Daily housekeeping and cleaning chores are taken care of by HomeAid’s professional Caregivers. Dusting, moping and tidying up are just a few of the tasks that our staff would be happy to assist with. From larger home and garden maintenance projects to small jobs like taking out the trash, HomeAid is there to help.

  • Laundry and Organizing Assistance
    Laundry and ironing service is available through HomeAid. Caregivers will run loads of wash, sort and iron clothes and linens. HomeAid’s helpful Caregivers also help keep cupboards and closets clean and organized.

  • Meal Preparations and Grocery Shopping Assistance
    Nutritional meals require planning. HomeAid’s Caregivers will assist in arranging menus and shopping for the ingredients needed to make nutritionally balanced meals. Our talented Caregivers will help with food preparation and can assist with the service and feeding of meals and snacks.

  • Home Improvement/Handyman Service
    HomeAid Health Care has its own handyman who is available to take on any home improvement or maintenance project. Garden work, snow removal, interior and exterior work on the house can all be taken care of economically and conveniently through our service.

  • Home Safety Evaluation
    Safety is an important issue. Keeping the home safe in all situations requires an understanding of potential hazards for the elderly. HomeAid’s professional Caregivers have been trained to spot possible dangers and are ready to give advice on measures that will minimize risks and give you peace of mind.

  • Pet and Plant Care
    HomeAid Caregivers will help with feeding and care of household pets as well as watering and care of all houseplants. It is our desire to assist with any task that keeps the house running like home.
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